Can You Really Get Free Carpet Remnants?

If you are looking for free carpet remnants, the search may be difficult.  Stores generally do not give away remnants, but they usually do offer them at a discount.  The exception to this may be if the store is having a going out of business sale, or if they are getting ready to move the store.  Sometimes, if a store is overstocked, and you are willing to take a small scrap, you might get lucky and walk away with a free carpet remnant.

The best place to search for remnants if you are not looking to spend any money may be to search local classified ads.  Craigslist may be a good place to start.  Another possibility might be to ask friends and family if they have any remnants around that they are willing to part with.  They may have small pieces that have been sitting unused for years, and they may even be glad to get them out of the way.  People who do remodeling or construction for a living is especially good to ask.  If you are not picky about color or style and you don’t need a very large piece of carpet, you may be able to find some free remnants if you are willing to spend the time searching.

To get the best prices on carpet remnants, if you are not able to find any free pieces that suit your needs, it may be best to go to directly to carpet stores.  Most stores offer remnants at a discount, but the price you end up paying can still vary widely.  Spend a little time calling local stores and asking about prices.  Searching classified ads can also be effective, but you may not get the selection you need or the size you are looking for.

There are a few things a person can do to find the best deals on carpet remnants.  Do not be afraid to try to bargain with a salesperson at a store.  They may lower the price, especially if they are trying to get rid of remnants.  The same strategy also works with private sellers.  Make an offer, they might be desperate to unload the carpet onto someone else to free up space.  Another thing to remember when searching for the best price is that persistence pays off when it comes to searching around.  The more time spent searching online or even on the phone, the better price you may be able to find.

You may be wondering: Is it better to shop online, or locally?  Usually, it is better to shop locally.  Getting a large carpet remnant shipped to you can be really expensive.  Unless you can buy what you are looking for online, and you can either drive to pick up the carpet yourself or pay a small delivery fee, it is probably better to shop locally.  That said, it is still smart to search online classified ads like those posted on craigslist.

When looking for carpet remnants, you should probably be willing to spend a little money, especially if you want a large piece.  Still, being a smart and diligent shopper will help you to find the best price.

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