Carpet Remnants Make Great Area Rugs!

When decorating your home, many people enjoy the personal touch of area rugs.  When shopping for them, however, you could be surprised at the amount you are paying for such a small piece, and oftentimes, you will have a difficult time finding exactly what you want.  This is where carpet remnants come in, and with them, you can make custom rugs that fit exactly what you want for your home.

You can find many good deals for carpet remnants online.  When selling wall to wall carpeting there are often lots of leftovers, which though they are quite large, are not large enough to fill a room.  Sellers will then discount the price significantly and then sell them to you to do with what you wish.  There are far more color choices and patterns available when browsing bound carpet remnants, really raising the odds that you will find something that is perfect for you.

When you are in the market for area rugs, you are often limited to the shapes and sizes that the company or store is selling.  All rooms and tastes are not alike, and many times, you might find that they are not exactly the shape, size or even color that you are looking for.  This can lead to much frustration and eventually giving up on the idea all together.

Instead, make a pattern of the size and shape that you want in your room.  This can be done with butcher paper or fabric.  Then knowing how much you need, you are free to browse the web for pieces that have enough extra to cut out your design.  Some remnants will come with an adhesive backing, so make sure you read the description of each piece before you buy.

Upon receiving your new piece of carpet all that is left to do is cut out your pattern using a carpet knife.  For the edges, you can either hot glue them to prevent fraying or if you are ambitious, you can bind the edges with binding tape.  The binding part sounds a lot harder than it is.  You can buy the self adhesive kind and fold it over the edge of the carpet, or you can sew it on yourself using a carpet needle.  Either way will give you a nice finished edge for your rug.

With all the money you save in doing it yourself, you might make a few for every room in the house. You would be amazed how a simple area rug can add a touch of hominess to the room.

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