Finding Good Deals: Discount Carpet Remnants

If you are on a limited budget for carpeting your home, shopping for discount carpet remnants can be a great way of getting high quality carpeting for a good price. Especially if you only have a small room to carpet, a remnant may be all you need to get the job done. Remnants will vary according to size, since generally they are the leftover pieces of carpeting on a roll after the store sells the rest of the roll to other customers. Because it is inconvenient to have these smaller carpeting pieces sitting around, stores are usually highly motivated to sell them for a good price. In fact, in some cases you might even be able to find free carpet remnants. In most cases, you will not find merchants willing to give away free carpeting, but if you do some searching online you might be able to find a carpet installer or homeowner who has a remnant available that they just want to give away for free.

Stores that sell a lot of carpeting are the best places to shop for carpet. This is because they are most likely to have a wide variety of remnants from which to choose. Although many people immediately think of local carpet stores when it comes time to buy carpet remnants, in reality shopping at online stores can often be the best way to find a good selection for a good price. When shopping for remnants, you want to always be sure to inquire about the shipping. Even if you purchase your carpeting locally, chances are you will have to have it delivered, since the size of even a carpet remnant can be too large and unwieldy to transport in a standard vehicle. You want to make sure to factor the shipping and handling costs into the overall price of the carpeting when comparing costs. If you do not have the skills or tools to install the carpeting yourself, you will also want to shop around for an economical carpet installer.

Besides carpeting a small room in your home, you can do many other things with remnant carpeting. You could use a piece as an area rug, as a runner in a hallway or on the stairs, or you could cut the carpeting up into pieces the size of door mats and protect your home against dirty shoes and boots. Of course, if you plan to use cut up pieces of carpeting, you will want to bind or finish the edges so that the carpeting does not fray. You could even use remnants in creative ways, such as using them to cover a custom-designed cat tower or house for your favorite furry pets.

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