How and Where to find Discount Carpet Remnants

For a special project needing carpet remnants, anyone can go to the local outlet and ask for a deal. The selection will be right there to visually inspect if they have any available. Different times of the year may have more or less options to choose from but the local places are usually a good place to look. There may be easy pickings of all shapes and sizes of scrap carpet to fit that odd job at the house. If the choices seem to be a bit slim, try going online to find more options within a thirty to 50 mile radius. These can be found through the area phone books that have listings for carpet stores in the surrounding region.

Once the area stores are contacted and a score has been made, it is now time to go pick up the goods. Depending on the amount of rugs to be retrieved, a car or truck may be necessary. A used carpet may not be very clean so this would certainly require a truck. Smaller new pieces can be rolled up and placed in the back seat or trunk of a car. A large amount or bigger pieces may require a trailer. Be sure to bring rope or tie down ratchet straps to keep the carpet secure in the back of the pick-up or trailer while driving down the road. It might be a good idea to lay a large tarp over the smaller pieces.

Finding discount carpet remnants through out a larger area may require shipping. Pieces come in all sizes and some left overs from large commercial jobs may be as big as 10 feet by 30 feet. This could fill a small bedroom or be perfect for lining the walls of a recording studio to muffle the sound. Larger warehouse stores will offer more variety due to the volume of product they sell. The size of their pieces may come as a surprise but take it in stride and learn to drive a hard bargain. It is a large profitable commercial job that allows them to sell the left overs at a good price. They may consider these scraps more trouble than they are worth and be glad to get rid of them. Never let them think that you really need them. Always be willing to let the deal go if you cannot get a good price.

Discount carpet remnants online will give the most variety in shapes and sizes. Trying to mix and match an interior that already has a color scheme may take a bit more time, but is certainly possible. Be patient and wait for the right color and textures to fit the room. There may be a business of buying and selling the larger remnant pieces. With a wide enough area and a large list of clients that will sell the remnants very cheap to someone who buys regularly, a business can be started. This is sideline business that is always in demand may find good success.

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