How To Make An Area Rug Out Of Rug Remnants?

How to make an area rug out of rug remnants? If you are in the process of renovating your home with new home decor and accessories, finding the right flooring decor can be difficult. Not only must you consider the size of the rug, you must also find a style that is complimentary to your color scheme and home furnishings. While some consumers consider home renovation a task that requires both creativity and money, this is not always the case. If you are on a limited budget or you are looking for a specific style you cannot find at your local home retailers, make a remnants rug out of rug remnants for less. Follow the steps below to construct a beautiful rug that you can honestly say is one-of-a-kind.

Step 1: Begin by measuring the space that your new decor will occupy. If your home or living space has an awkward shape, consider several factors that could affect your final measurement and dimensions. For high traffic areas, you will need to create a shape and size that will not trip passing guests but that will still be appealing. If you are placing the application in front of doors, be sure placement will allow doors to close easily.

Step 2: Once you have measured the necessary dimensions for your remnants rug, cut out a sample sizing chart that will allow you to visualize the size of your flooring decor when you are finished. This can be done by taping together paper bags or other durable materials. The paper dimensions will act as a pattern once you have chosen the rug remnant pattern you want to use. After you have visualized the size and shape of the application, you can make adjustments if necessary before you begin sewing and cutting remnants.

Step 3: After the pattern is created, take the pattern with you to a local carpet store. Ask the employees where carpet remnants are located and begin browsing the carpet selections that are available. Having your pattern with you will help you visualize how much carpeting is needed to fill the space on the pattern and how you want to place the remnants.

Step 4: Once you chose multiple styles or designs of remnants that are complimentary to your home decor, you can begin producing your own remnants rug. Lay each remnant face down on a hard surface and measure and mark the rug size by using your paper pattern. Once you have measured the right size and shape, use a carpet knife to begin cutting the back of the carpet. After the cutting is complete flip over the rug to see your new area rug.

Step 5: After you complete cutting the carpet, you may need to remove loose fibers and threads that were caused by cutting. To prevent unraveling, you will need to invest in a carpet-binding product that will seal in edges and prevent remnant fraying. Once you have applied the sealant glue around the edges of the back of the carpet, allow to dry overnight and you are done.

Remnants are very affordable and can be found in local carpeting stores. If you want to design your own area rug and are on a limited budget, consider this do-it-yourself project.

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