List of Websites to Buy Carpet Remnants Online

Buying carpet remnants online has both some advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can find large collections and choose from them. You also might find them cheaper than when you buy them in a store. The main disadvantage is that carpet remnants are rather big and shipping costs can be too high in comparison with the price you paid for your remnant. When you consider buying remnants it is best to look for an online shop nearby so you can pick it up yourself instead of paying expensive shipping costs. Here is a list of online shops that sell carpet remnants.

U.S.A. Shops Although Amazon does not has a large collection of carpet remnants, they sometimes do offer left over carpets for a small price. When you are looking for one than it never hurts to take a look at their shop. eBay is probably the best kind of website to go to if you want to find yourself a cheap carpet or rug. Not only are you able to find cheap second handed items, you will also find a large collection of remnants that people offer (sometimes for free) because they are leftovers from their carpeting. Another advantage is the fact that you can search locally which will save you a lot of money on shipping costs.

Georgia Carpet Industries is a local company that also sells carpet remnants online. They offer a small collection of carpet remnants against small prices, but don’t forget to check on their shipping costs. Binding is also not included and will cost you more, depending on the size of the remnant you order.

Express Floors: This is another remnant outlet that has a medium collection of carpet remnants. Their prices are low but also don’t forget to ask them about their shipping costs and if binding your carpet remnant is a possibility.

U.K Shops : The same story for the USA website of eBay. They are a great resource in finding carpet remnants locally which will save you a lot on shipping costs. This is a shop specialize in carpet remnants and they also have their own shop on ebay. Take a look at their collection and maybe you will find something that is right for you. Another website specialized in carpet remnants. They have a rather large collection and you can really find some high quality remnants in here for a small price.

If you think your website belongs to this list than contact us and we will review your website. Only genuine retailers of carpet remnants will be reviewed.

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