The Best Kept Secret – Carpet Remnants Bargains

Carpet remnants are remainders from shipments and cuttings to fit specific areas.  The quality does not change just because the shape of the carpet is already determined.  Some scraps are good only for hallway runners or other small areas.  With a little ingenuity, these odd-sized pieces can serve a useful purpose and protect the investment in wall-to-wall flooring.  Some remnant carpet is large enough to carpet entire rooms.   If you ask, you will quickly discover that the prices for these leftovers are deeply discounted.  It is the same quality as the rest of the carpet on the roll from which it came; but remainders come at a low, low price.  What is not to love here?

You may have to do a little homework if you are going to go for the big pieces. If you have a house to carpet and you want to do it on the cheap, realize that not every room will have the same carpet. Now would be a good time to settle on the type of carpet that fits your lifestyle.
Areas with light foot traffic are good for the plush types. While this carpeting is soft and luxurious, it shows footprints. Textured rugs are better for high traffic areas because they tend to hide footprints. Textured cut pile looks luxurious and does not crush as easily as a plush. Berbers are weaves with two or more colors, and they are very resilient because they are woven with thick fibers. Berbers are excellent at resisting footprints.  Think about the colors that you want and the wear and tear expected in each room for which you want to buy carpeting.

Any flooring store is going to have remnants, so it is a good bet that persistence can get you just about any type of carpeting that you need.  Larger pieces are installed in exactly the same fashion as regular wall-to-wall with padding and tacks. Smaller pieces can be useful everywhere in the home, or in your RV or in your boat. Remnants give children a soft place to fall in their play areas.  Cat scratching posts are made using remnants.  They are easily constructed for far less than they sell in pet stores.

Online remnants carpet resources should not be forgotten. You can locate all the possibilities in your area, and you can compare the prices with the big online outlets.  Be sure to know what is being offered (installation, delivery, shipping if appropriate) before you compare prices.  In the end, you will find that the payoff in savings is well worth the effort to get bargain carpeting for your home and your life.

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