What Are Carpet Remnants?

Floor types can vary greatly from wood to tile or softer surfaces.  Offices, home and business environments often have carpeting used for many reasons.  It is soft and cushions the feet so many places will use it for comfort and ease of walking.  Fatigue is reduced as people stand, walk and move from spot to spot.  It is also warm and a great insulator for a home or business.  For whatever reason it is used, there are usually carpet remnants left after an installation. These smaller pieces are basically left over from larger jobs.

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Basically, actual carpeting is made on a loom and comes only in certain widths because of the fabrication process.  Since rooms vary in size, part of the installation process of a successful carpet installation is to fit the widths together to use as small an amount of carpet as possible.  However, since the carpeting has to be trimmed to fit the space there are always random size pieces after the wall to wall trimming of the carpet installation.  To define remnants, simply imagine these smaller pieces are then available to be used for alternative purposes.

Many things can be done with these remnants. What are remnants used for?   Stairs are often cold, slippery and in need of a fix.  The remnants work great to cover the treads.  These can be trimmed to be an exact fit or they can be trimmed to leave wood showing around the edges.  The fiber adds insulation, safety and visual appeal.  They also work well to cover tired and worn steps.

Many people will also use leftover remnants for wipe off rugs in an entranceway, beside a bed or in front of a sink or stove.  The depth and softness reduce fatigue to stand on and they can be quite attractive to look at.  The pop of color and texture can make an area lively and attractive.

Runners can be made from carpet pieces as well.  This reduces noise in hallways and can create a more peaceful environment as people walk up and down the area.  These are great for hallways leading to bedrooms and areas that intended to be restful and quiet.
Runners are also great for keeping dirt out of private areas of the home.

Remnants can also have very unconventional applications as well.  They can be used to cushion items for packing, reduce noise or even for insulation.  The smaller pieces can be cut or configured as needed.  Often they can also be used to level an appliance or to cushion a leg from a portion of unbalanced furniture such as a sofa or chair.

Many times remnants are found at a fraction of the original cost of the carpet.  Carpet stores are the best place to find them.  However, sometimes they are sold by the store to discount sources to rework for rugs, stair treads and other uses.  Sometimes they can be found as scraps from construction sites and from carpet installers for little or no cost.  A remnants definition is only limited by the imagination.

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