Where Can You Buy Carpet Remnants Online?

If you are looking for good carpet remnants online, your best option will often be to find an Internet-accessible carpet warehouse.  Maybe you are not sure whether to hit the Web first, or if you should look around your local carpet outlets before searching nationwide. There are reasons both for and against online shopping, and it all depends on what you are looking for.

Remnants are good for almost all carpeting projects so it is not a bad idea if they are a part of your renovation project. If you are on a limited budget you probably want to avoid any unnecessary fees, so you should probably check out any carpeting stores within reasonable driving distance.  This will help you avoid shipping and handling fees. Another benefit of buying at a store rather than online is that you can see the remnant you may be buying before you purchase it. It is inconvenient to have to wait for your order to be shipped halfway across the country; it is even worse if your order arrives only for you to discover that it was not really what you wanted after all.   So, especially if you live in a highly populated area with many carpet outlets to visit, you will probably be able to save at a local store; but it is never a bad idea to check the Internet and make sure.

If you are unable to find what you want nearby, or if you have a very specific carpet idea in mind, your next step will be to search for online carpet remnants.  This is not necessarily more expensive; some websites, such as www.longsdiscountcarpet.com, habitually buy overstocked and irregular remnants that can be sold extremely cheaply.  Keep in mind that there is usually nothing noticeably wrong with irregular or off-shade carpeting; it is often because of minor, barely perceptible mistakes that the factory cannot sell the products at full price.  Online stores also generally have a much larger selection than a local store, and you can do all your price comparison in one location at home on your computer.  You can also try www.georgiacarpet.com and www.carpetremnantwarehouse.com for online stores with remnants that are always in stock, or just type carpet remnants online into your favorite search engine and browse.

There are a few more things to keep in mind when searching for online carpet remnants; many outlets will send you samples of a potential purchase so you can be sure of getting exactly what you want.  Also, although some websites have pictures of available stock, most stores require a phone call to get exact pricing and delivery information.  Many warehouses will bind remnant edges for you, if you ask, and sometimes you can even find them already bound.  Whether you choose to buy in a store or on the Internet, just remember to be patient and thorough in your search for a good deal.  You can find carpet remnants online at over half off the retail carpet price, if you remain persistent and do not give up on finding the right remnant for your need.

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